Friday, 27 February 2009

Sunny day

It's an incredibly sunny day and I'm hoping it stays that way so I can go out painting landscape tomorrow with my watercolours. I find that this contact with nature feeds back into my work, even the more imaginary compositions, in all kinds of ways, though it's a joy to sit and paint in the land. The paintings are not always successful, but that is secondary to the experience.

I'm preparing 3 large canvases to start some new paintings next week.

Thursday, 26 February 2009

Some examples of my paintings/website

As a follow up to my initial entry, I am including some examples of my work. I paint landscapes, cityscapes, and have ongoing themes based on subjects I painted in Nicosia, Cyprus. One of these is the 'Women in the Turkish Baths,' series, and I also paint images of women with various subject matter - the first image on this page is from my 'Predators,' series.

My First Entry as a Blogger!

(Edited October 2017)

(Some negative events were the original trigger for this blog and I am leaving them intact because my feelings were a true reflection at the time....)

I have just been thrown out by my London gallery. I waited many years to find one that would accept and understand my very colourful, verging on abstract work, and though initially they were very enthusiastic about the paintings, and sold one in the first week, now I have been vaguely told to go by email. Though really devastated by this, (and in the early stages of my shock I even began to see all my 100's of joyful canvases as being part of a delusional idea that I am an artist), I bounced back today by stretching canvases ready for the next 9 paintings I have in mind.

It really felled my trust in many things art, and art market related. At one point I had a very well known celebrity interested in 2 of my works. Subsequently he came to view my  works and we agreed that he could take one of my largest works (a large Baths painting) - on the understanding that my work would be included in a huge show of his Art Collection at possibly (his words), The Tate or Kensington Palace. I found out later that he only wanted my bright colourful canvas to put into his glass pyramid in his garden, where I believed it might become mouldy and be damaged by sunshine! I'm still waiting to hear about the exhibition at the Tate!

This blog will follow my changing fortunes, the highs and lows that all artists go through as they seek that ever elusive perfection in their work. It will also include some excerpts from my as yet unpublished novel, 'Living on the Edge,' about my life in Cyprus, where I was a practising artist for 14 years. I'm always positive and believe that if I push onwards with my work, at some point I will get the rhythm and opportunities I had in Cyprus.