Friday, 12 July 2013

22nd International Arts Festival, Vitebsk, Belarus

'Nicosia Through Bougainvillea,'  Oil on board, 60 x 50cm

In just a few hours I will be heading to Gatwick airport, to fly to Cyprus. But before I leave I wanted to add some good news I just received. Two of the paintings I made during the Mark Rothko residency last September have been included in an exhibition called 'Gold,' in Vitebsk, Belarus. The exhibition is part of the 22nd International Arts Festival, and features work by several artists who took part in the residency. I was really pleased to see that I will be showing alongside my ex-tutor, Peter Griffin!

This is the link:

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Fresh Visual Impressions

'Journey to East Peckham,' oil on canvas, 40 x 30cm
Sometimes it is hard to break into your rhythm when you are fully into your painting ideas. It's so exciting, and you just want to keep going! But I'm going away on holiday on Saturday, to Cyprus, and so for a few weeks the oil paints will lie unused. My husband laughed when he saw me packing watercolour paper and watercolours, but I feel that I can't let my hand lie idle. Images are pushing to be explored, so at least I can work on paper, and who knows what may emerge, given the different light, and a new environment? Unexpected elements can suddenly pop up, because the fresh visual impressions always overlap with existing ideas, and may even turn out to be better!

New Work

'Inscape,' Oil and acrylic on board, 61 x 31cm

The last few weeks have been very productive, with new paintings filling my small studio space, and applications being sent out for exhibitions. I sent my application to the US gallery, along with a CD showing 20 images of my work. If they don't find the work suitable, I will still feel good about it because I was pleased with the images I sent. I'm also applying for a solo show locally, and have entered a painting competition (prize of art materials), and I'm checking out other exhibition opportunities.

'On The Cusp of Memory,' oil and acrylic on board, 61 x 31cm