Friday, 13 January 2017

Visual Diary (Cyprus)

'Land-Spirits,' ink and acrylic on rice paper, 97 x 95 cm

As I am going to Cyprus for three weeks to visit my in-laws, my painting will have a small interruption when it comes to working on canvas. I am taking a watercolour book though and plan to work from ideas while I am there. I will use photos of current work on my iPad as starting points and to remind myself of certain current interests, and also I may work from photos on my iPad of imagery that strikes a cord artistically, and some photos of places in China that I want to develop. But naturally these ideas will be influenced by my environment in Cyprus! It is impossible not to be influenced in some way visually. My work often relates to my surroundings like a visual diary but I am particularly focused on many ideas inspired by China and really want to push these onwards and this is what I will probably do in Cyprus.

Monday, 9 January 2017

January's First Post

This is the poster for an exhibition my work is in this month. It is always so encouraging to have work selected for exhibitions in other countries, and to see the promotional material with your name on it! It feels like a good beginning for 2017.

I also have a painting in an exhibition in Singapore near the end of February. Below are the two selected paintings.
The Joy of Life, (selected for the Port Commune exhibition)

Fiona's-World, (selected for exhibition at the Momentous gallery, Singapore)