Monday, 20 April 2015

Inner and Outer worlds

'Somewhere Else,' oil and acrylic on board, 40 x 50cm

With spring in full flow, I am making a lot of paintings on paper, just to respond to the wonderful energies and colours while experimenting with different types of mark-making; brush, crayon, felt-tip, pencil, etc.
'Rhythms,' wax crayon, felt-tip, watercolour and gouache on paper
'Inscape,' watercolour and felt-tip on paper

It's always a case of layering my inner world with my reactions to the world around me, and finding an image that captures these feelings.
'Remembered,' watercolour, gouache and felt-tip on paper

Saturday, 4 April 2015

Easter Break

Fiona and 'Arrowheads in Lemba Valley,' (Cyprus series) acrylic on wooden panel, 162 x 108cm

As I go into the Easter break, I have 4 paintings waiting for answers, including my largest one. Back to work on Tuesday!