Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Distant Horizons

My mind is full of thoughts of travelling, both in my work and physically, so I am adding a painting which encapsulates my sense of urgency to move forwards.
Travel and change dominated my week. I have just applied for a residency abroad, which sounds incredibly exciting, and would allow a big development in my work, and also open up new horizons. It is at the Mark Rothko residencies, in Daugavpils, Latvia. It involves making two paintings there, for an exhibition, and includes the use of a studio (great!). Materials and accommodation are provided. Of course, with these international residencies, competition is huge, but I feel in a stronger, more confident position to apply - so we will see what happens!
I have also applied for an art award, with the intention to make a series of large canvases to exhibit in London. My streams of drawings and compositional ideas are crying out to be explored on a larger arena, and while I believe I put forward a good statement, there again competition is stiff! I am currently very restricted by lack of funds.
The exhibition at the Llewellyn Alexander gallery is now open (and my watercolour is on their website), and the Kings Hill Project is also open. So I am working on three new paintings, and finishing two that feel unresolved.
You just have to self-promote, and I have put my work on two new websites, and put work for sale on the saatchi online website (as prints and originals) With my net cast wide, I hope new opportunites are netted.
('Nicosia Evening,' oil on board, 122 x  61cm)

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