Monday, 9 October 2017

7th Beijing International Art Biennale part 2

Coming in to land, September 23rd
I have been home for 12 days and only just now had the chance to check my photos. For this post I am going to add some photos from my trip to China. More photos will be added later and a detailed review of this fabulous Biennale!

I will never forget landing just after sunrise. We flew over the mountains and the Great Wall which were shrouded in a beautiful golden haze, and landed just as the sun came up! It was worth flying most of the night just to have that unforgettable view of the mountains and the Great Wall, which snakes its way across the peaks.

Moments before landing!

The official meeting and collection point at the airport

And some views coming into Beijing....

Our hotel....

My room....

The day after my arrival, we attended the Opening Ceremony of the Beijing Biennale. All artists had to sign their names onto a lengthy piece of red paper which was changed each time it was filled!

With my friend Soraya Sikander, half an hour before the Opening Ceremony
To be continued!

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