Tuesday, 1 May 2012

It Goes With The Job!

I'm still waiting! Silence is never good. From past experience, when you are accepted for a show, the answer usually comes quickly. In this case, the selection is not up to my agent, and it's some comfort to know that she likes my work enough to put me forward  for this exhibition. It's often a case of selectors choosing work that 'fits' together within a theme or style. When I lived in Cyprus, I helped set up shows, so know how important the positioning of paintings can be. Also, in exhibitions which are narrowed down to a few artists, it's important that the works complement each other.
It all goes with the job, of course! Recently I read an interview with an artist I admire, and I was jolted by his remark that if you weren't getting at least 15 rejections in a year, you weren't trying hard enough! Being restricted by time and commitments is a familiar cry, one I made on reading this, but you have to keep sending off applications, waiting, and trying over and over. To any other artists reading this, who are feeling disheartened, my advice is 'don't give up!'
So, with this in mind, I found some more links to galleries on my friends' Facebook pages, and re-wrote my art statement (a good thing to do regularly, as one's work evolves), and photographed my latest work. Three more applications will go off this week. Only another ten until I've filled the year's quota.
('Symphony of Choices,' 2012.  Oil and acrylic on canvas, 80cm by 40cm)

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