Thursday, 20 February 2014


'Nicosia Rooftops,' oil and acrylic on board.
Yesterday I finally published my novel on Kindle. This is the image I used for my cover, which I designed myself, with the help of the Kindle cover-creator. I was really pleased to be able to use one of my paintings on my cover.

My novel is called THE JAGGED GREEN LINE.

It was really thrilling to buy my book, and see it magically appear on my new Kindle Fire HD. It felt as if it was not written by me. Somehow the fact that it was readable on a different device instantly set it apart from any connections to my laptop, or the endless days of struggle over words and phrases! At the same time, my words still carried the impact I wanted, and that was wonderful to see.

This is the link:

The next steps are:
To get back to painting - sorely missed for the past 3 weeks (though I have begun 3 new ones) and this absence has made me increasingly frustrated.....
To continue the sequel to my novel, begun some time ago....
To see about getting my novel set up as a print version, and this option is now available to me.

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