Wednesday, 6 March 2013

More Applications

'Transition.'  Oil and acrylic on board, 61 x 45cm

Since I last wrote, I have been working on 6 paintings, 4 of which are now finished. The above painting caused the most headaches, as it took ages to resolve. But I'm so happy to be back to painting again, and to have recovered my health. After my last post, I went to the doctor and learned that the 'Flu' I thought I had had for over 3 weeks was in fact a lung infection! I had to take antibiotics to clear it. But the funny thing is that, in spite of feeling really lacking in energy, I painted full speed! I was obsessed with the new works. A friend on Facebook suggested that perhaps painting is medicinal for me.

So for this post, I'm adding some of the recent works.
'Camber.' oil and acrylic on canvas, 40 x 30cm

I have just posted off my entry form for the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2013, with the usual doubts and reservations, as I know too well that it is a lottery! The delivery date for the painting is early April. I've also applied for the Creekside Open, a bi-annual exhibition at a London gallery that is part of a studio complex (and one of my ex-tutors from college works there). When my husband saw the work of the two selectors, he said 'You are wasting your time, I don't think they will like your style of work.' We will see.  It would certainly be very exciting to be selected. I've been to exhibitions there in the past, and also to the Open Studios of the artists working in the building.
'Winter Blues,' oil and acrylic on canvas, 40 x 30cm

As for attending the Grand Opening of the new Mark Rothko Centre, in Daugavpils (Latvia) I have decided to go. It will be great to meet up with some of the other artists who were on the residency with me last September, and to see my 4 paintings hanging in the Centre. The Opening is on April 24th, and I am going for 3 days.

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